The Westcoast Pantry is a grocery store and coffee bar located in the Victoria Public Market. We specialize in local, organic and health-conscious food!

Our guiding principles:

Real.  The Westcoast Pantry is a locally owned and operated store that is committed to serving downtown Victoria. We love food and hope that our passion for food comes across in our store!

 Good.  One of the largest impacts we make on the planet is a result of our daily food choices. As a store, we believe that we have a responsibility to provide food that minimizes its impact on the planet and helps to support vibrant communities. We strive to stock our shelves with food that tastes good, feels good and does good! 

Food. We are a grocery store, meanings that we sell food. Not surprising, right? But more often than not, grocery stores sell food that is heavily processed, aka edible food-like substances. As a store, we are committed to stocking our shelves the old-fashioned way, with real, good food!


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