The Brew Bar



Wake up and smell the coffee...


We love brewing up coffee, tea and a whole array of other hot drinks. Thanks to our friends at the Coffee Lab, we serve some of the best coffee in the city.  We offer single-origin espresso, single-origin pour over as well as a blend 

Nothing beats heat like an iced coffee


Our cold drinks are made with whole ingredients and made to satisfy your belly, body and mind. There is lots of variety and we're also happy to tailor make a drink just for you to make sure you get exactly what you want. Drop by after our opening next week!

Our famous gluten-free banana bread


We serve our treats because we think they taste great. But its important to us not to sacrifice health for taste. Why not have both together? For this reason, we offer a variety of treats that are gluten-free, paleo. sugar-free and/or organic, courtesy of Ingredients Cafe. If you have a dietary restriction, let us know, you'll probably still be able to eat our food!